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Whilst you don’t need to use an overgrip, I recommend it because it’s cheaper, easier, and you get to play with a nice fresh grip more often. Overgrip can vary quite a lot. For example, Tourna Grips are quite dry and are good if you have sweaty hands. Others, like the Wilson Pro, have a more tacky feel to them.

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The truth and truth is that you can put as many overgrips as you want, as long as you are comfortable. Eye, but remember the difference between grip and overgrip, since it is not the same. For example, I like my tennis rackets to have a thick grip so I can have a better grip, so I put on two.

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The base grip will maintain the form or the bevels of the racquet. This allows tennis players to easily and seamlessly find their backhands, forehands, or volleys without looking at the racquet. The overgrip, on the other hand, is exactly what it sounds like—it goes over the (base) grip.

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On the other hand, a tennis overgrip is a soft, padded ribbon, similar to a piece of fabric. This is often wrapped around the hilt of a racket. Replacement grip forms the base for your hands’ protection while overgrip provides extra grip and sweat absorption. 2.

Tennis Overgrips vs Replacement Grips - Which is The Best Option?

You don’t have to change it that often. It lasts a lot longer than an overgrip. Although an overgrip is cheaper, taking into account the lifespan of a racket, how often you play and how often you need to change your grip, it might be cheaper overall to just replace the main grip once in a while.

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Tennis grip is the grip that comes with a racket when you buy it. The replacement grip is used when the original grip is removed and placed in its place. An overgrip is placed over the grip to get more cushioning, sweat absorption, width, and traction.

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Aug 5, 2011. #5. replacing an overgrip is cheaper. while a replacement grip last long it looses it's desirable qualities just as quick as an overgrip, maybe a little longer. Another reason for an overgrip is that when you put them on you overlay them so you get grooves which many people like. S.

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Description. Customer Reviews. Tennis Express Reviews. Specs. Product Specs. Description. The Babolat VS Original Overgrip is the thinnest overgrip in the world (0.40 mm). This grip does not modify the size of the racquet handle, but instead provides exceptional feel and unmatched performance.